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This Kendall Jenner Pic Just Broke A Huge Kim And Kanye Record

Kendall: 'Take that, KimYe!'

Kendall Jenner officially broke Kim Kardashian’s most-liked Instagram record.

It took more than a year, but KimYe's most-double-tapped photo - one that the couple snapped at their wedding - has been dethroned. Don't worry, though. The title will remain in the family - at least for now. As E! Online reported on Friday (Jun. 26), this Kendall pic has taken the prize:

According to the site, KimYe's wedding 'Gram gained about 2.47 million likes while Kendall's sits just above that, at 2.48 million.

But, hey, a record is a record. So, Jenner took this opportunity to offer a lighthearted jab at her sister and brother-in-law via Twitter:

Guess this is just another sign that Kendall - who keeps stunning everyone - is just changing the social media game. Congrats, Kendall.