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8 TV Ships That Never Really Set Sail (But Everyone Still Loves)

Still shipping Sharpay x Troy, tbh.

You haven't experienced true heartache until you've shipped a ship that was, admittedly, never meant to be. You know, those non-canon couples you find yourself drawn to even though you know they'll cause you nothing but grief. It's okay. It happens to all of us. Some, more than others, but we've all been there.

So, because we love the emotional pain that comes with shipping, MTV News has rounded up a few of our favorite non-canon ships that we just can't stop shipping even though we know, deep down in our soul, that they're never, ever going to happen.

And when you're done scrolling and crying, don't forget to vote for your ship of the year for the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards. You may not be able to make any of these ships canon IRL, but at least you have a say in which ship gets honored at this year's awards!

  1. Niley (Nick Jonas + Miley Stewart)
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    Though Niley may have been official IRL, Nick and Miley's alter ego Hannah Montana were never a thing in the fictional 'verse. The Jonas Brothers only appeared on "Hannah Montana" in one episode, but they left a lasting impression on fans. Nick and Miley -- and Joe and Lilly (!!) -- were two of the most popular "Hannah Montana" fandoms.

  2. Seth + Marissa

    Seth and Summer were obviously one of the most iconic ships to ever grace our television screens, but that didn't stop a small, yet passionate group of "O.C." fans from shipping Seth and the tragic girl next door Marissa. The Brains and the Beauty would have made quite an interesting pair. Maybe Seth could have been the one who saved Marissa from herself (brb, sobbing), but we doubt Sandy Cohen would have liked being any closer to Jimmy Cooper than he had to be.

  3. Rory + Tristan
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    To be fair, had Tristan not been shipped off to military school, Tristan and Rory might have been an actual thing in season two. (I've long suspected that he would have been Rory's Jess.) But alas, Chad Michael Murray landed a lead role in The WB's upcoming teen drama "One Tree Hill" and said goodbye to Chilton Prep forever.

  4. Lucas + Haley
    The CW

    Lucas and Haley were never anything more than best friends on "One Tree Hill," and that drove hardcore Laley fans nuts. No one knew Lucas Scott as well as Haley, but alas, she just wasn't the Scott for her. Haley ultimately became a Scott when she married Lucas' half-brother Nathan. See? It kinda sorta worked out.

  5. Clark Kent + Chloe Sullivan
    The WB

    According to "Smallville" lore, Clark and Chloe first met in eighth grade after Chloe moved from Metropolis, and it was that day that Chloe started crushing on Clark. Talk about friend-zoned! Although Clark and Chloe briefly dated in their freshman year, they both agreed that they were better off as friends. More than a decade later, and we're still shipping Chlark (sorry Lois!).

  6. Sharpay Evans + Troy Bolton
    Disney Channel

    Troy and Gabriella were the OTP of the "High School Musical" universe, but the chemistry between Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay Evans) was undeniable. Tbh, Troy and Gabby were a little too boring for our liking. He needed someone who could keep him on his toes (aka Sharpay.) Not to mention Troy could have been the one who showed Sharpay that there was more to life than being the best, but whatever. At least Sharpay got her own solo movie in the end -- and it was fabulous.

  7. Beth + Daryl

    During season four of "The Walking Dead," Beth and Daryl's budding friendship came to the surface as the two were paired up in the post-prison exodus arc. Although nothing ever happened between them, a full-fledged ship was born. Of course, those dreams were officially quashed when Beth was killed off in season five. Our hearts are STILL broken.

  8. Stephen + L.C.

    Who said shipping was only for fictional couples? In fact, there's no better judge of character than asking somebody if they're #TeamLC or #TeamKristin. Lauren Conrad (aka L.C.) and her childhood friend Stephen Colletti seemed like high school sweetheart material, until Kristin moved to Laguna Beach and destroyed L.C.'s perfect plans. Despite Lauren's longing for Stephen, we never got the impression that he was down to date L.C. IRL. In fact, all he ever talked about was Kristin. And just when it looked like L.C. and Stephen might actually get together in college, she dropped out of school and moved back home to SoCal. So, no matter what my LiveJournal said at the time, Stephen and L.C. weren't meant to be.