Every Terminator, Ranked In Order Of Sex Appeal

Artifical intelligence, legitimate hotness.

With "Terminator: Genisys" in theaters super-soon, it's important that we take this moment to honor all the "Terminator" films that came before it -- and the Terminators that came with them.

Because long before geriatric Arnold Schwarzenegger reappeared to battle an army of his young, buff Arnold clones, killer robots from the future were presenting themselves for your viewing pleasure, often parading around our universe in a state of complete buck-ass nudity. It's almost like they wanted us to review and rank them in order of sexiness!

So we did. Here they are.

  1. T-850

    Nope, not even a little bit... although he'd make a useful can opener.

  2. T-1000

    T-1000 in his human form isn't exactly a panty-dropper -- and unless you've got a mercury fetish, things don't get any better when he melts into a puddle of metal goo. Nevertheless, he earns points solely for having the potential to morph into a doppelganger of anyone, including Ryan Gosling.

  3. T-800, "Terminator 2" edition

    Even though he's the same model robot, and even though he's played by the same exact dude, this T-800 gives off dorky dad vibes that kinda cancel out his beefcake status.

  4. T-800

    A heartless, mindless robot with the body of a Greek god: Not only is T-800 undeniably sex-a-licious, but I'm pretty sure I dated one in college.

  5. T-X

    Hot, blonde, and highly flexible in the bedroom. Yep, T-X can definitely get it.

  6. Marcus Wright

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet your number one cyberstud. As a man turned human-terminator hybrid, Marcus has certain appealing points that the full-on robot terminators lack, including a) working human genitals, and b) a working human conscience. Also, he looks like Sam Worthington, which, y'know, isn't exactly a problem.