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Throw The Perfect Block Party With Nelly's 'Country Grammar' Tutorial

We've got your guide right herre.

It's summertime, the perfect time for a block party. Not sure how to plan one? No clue where do you begin? Well, naturally, you start by studying Nelly and his "Country Grammar (Hot Sh-t)" music video. Trust us, it serves as the perfect tutorial.

The video packed with everything you need to throw an epic neighborhood bash. Fifteen years after its release on June 27, 2000, the Country Grammar album still bangs. And the title track's video is still teaching us how to have fun the St. Lunatic way. So this herre is a true guide for you (and your derrtys) to get "down, down, baby" the way Nelly did back then.

  • First, you have to make sure your hair's on point.
  • And your nails too.
  • Then make sure you invite EVERYBODY. We do mean EVERYBODY.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Gotta have a dope chef there.
  • And bring your appetite.
  • You'll also need good music and some signature moves.
  • ...Because there will be lots of dancing.
  • Make sure to invite the kiddos too. We did say EVERYBODY, right?
  • Of course, pets have to be allowed...even snakes.
  • And oh, yeah, you gotta have silly string.
  • Lots and lots of silly string.

Okay, now you're ready for your party. Need a reason to celebrate? Here's a great excuse: it's Country Grammar's 15th anniversary! What are you waiting for? Start inviting your block now. You've got some planning to do.