Seth Meyers And Amy Poehler Reunited For An Epic 'Really' Sesh

Yes, really.

The "televised expressions of exasperation" game just hasn't been the same since Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers left "Saturday Night Live," and took with them the awesome segment known as "REALLY?!" -- an epic, five-minute verbal smackdown of the most dumbassed thing to happen that week.

But after Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit wrote a tweet saying that "women's sports in general" were "not worth watching," Amy stopped by Seth's latenight show for a special, one-time-only "REALLY?!" sesh.

To his credit, Benoit has since deleted the offending tweet and apologized for his douchey remarks. But that doesn't make the indignant frenzy (or the debut of Amy's amazing new hair color) any less spectacular. Really.