The 14 Sexiest Movie Moments Of The Year

So hot you'll just melt.

Movies: they make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us think...and sometimes they make us feel a little funny. You know. All of us like our movies with a little side of bow-chicka-yeah-yeah sauce, don't we? (We do.)

In honor of those moments where you really, really wish your mom wasn't sitting right next to you, here are the top 14 sexytimes movie moments of 2015 so far.

  1. Just messing around, "Unfriended"

    Teens being teens!

  2. When Christian mama-birds Ana, "Fifty Shades of Grey"

    A little gross, a lot hot.

  3. Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone's non-stop flirtation, "Aloha"

    Just do ittttttt already!

  4. When the boy next door gets let indoors, "The Boy Next Door"

    Before all the cookie talk got weird and first editions were thrown around, things were getting steamy.

  5. A show of very good horsemanship, "The Longest Ride"

    Well, hello, cowboy.

  6. Adaline gives into romance, "Age of Adaline"


  7. When she takes him to her special rock, "The DUFF"

    "This is how girls like to be kissed."

  8. Dom pledges his love for Letty, "Furious 7"

    Say what you will, unconditional love is pretty sexy.

  9. That first morning after, "The Last Five Years"

    It's hard to say goodbye when you have no intention of leaving.

  10. Ava taunts Caleb, "Ex Machina"

    She's a very advanced robot.

  11. When Hulk and Natasha have UST so hot it's boiling, "Avengers: Age of Ultron"


  12. Tris and Four get it on, "Insurgent"

    Sense of danger and overall fear in the city aside, this was woah.

  13. Pretty much the whole movie, "Focus"

    I mean, that's the point, so well played, "Focus."

  14. Christian and Ana make out in the elevator, "Fifty Shades of Grey"

    Undeniably hawt.

What was your favorite hot-as-all-get-out movie moment from the year so far?