Watch Nat Wolff And Cara Delevingne Try To Say 'Bubbles' And Sound Really, Really Mad

With bonus eyebrow dancing.

Do you have a question for "Paper Towns" stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff? Of course you do! Is one of those questions "can you say 'bubbles' and sound really mad?"


If it is, you're in luck. Both Delevingne and Wolff joined "Paper Towns" author John Green for his latest Question Tuesday video, and the duo gave their best shot at sounding so, so mad while saying the word "bubbles," answering who their greatest inspiration was (John Green himself, natch) and more. Oh, and Delevingne shows off her American accent and insists on being called Margo Roth Spiegelman. Again: natch.

Watch the whole thing (including Delevingne's best shot at "eyebrow dancing") below.