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Jai Courtney Explains Why Die-Hard 'Terminator' Fans Don't Scare Him

Jai Courtney is not concerned about your tweets. Cause he's never going to read them.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

If you've ever read an Internet comment board or checked out the tweets sent to actors playing superheroes, then you're well aware of the fact that fandoms can giveth but also taketh away. It's got to be a pretty anxiety-provoking experience to remake or reboot or sequel-ize something that fans are already passionately attached to, but for "Terminator Genisys" star Jai Courtney, that's just part of the job.

"I don't really spend much time thinking about it," he told MTV News. "I'm living in this really pleasant balance with things at the moment where the creative experiences are super fulfilling, and the tradeoffs aren't that sacrificial. I'm still pretty anonymous, and none of this stuff has affected my life in a negative way. Fan support -- that stuff's not too hard to navigate, I don't think. I'm not huge into social media and stuff. I try to limit my engagement somewhat, and I think that's probably more for my own health than anything else."

And even if Courtney was a Twitter fanatic, he'd still be feeling pretty okay about "Genisys" coming out on July 1 -- because, from his perspective, it's pretty damn awesome.

"I don't know what's going to come of this job -- I've been around long enough now to expect nothing and everything," Courtney continued. "Maybe it changes things really dramatically; maybe it doesn't and it's just another summer movie. But I think it's a special project and we worked incredibly hard on it, and I think it has a bright future. If I'm a part of that, I'm proud to be."

Of course, Courtney's role in the "Terminator" franchise's future depends on whether he lives through "Genisys" -- at this point, he says that "there are people that do know exactly where it's going," but he swears he's not one of them. So until he gets that call, Courtney will have to replay his memories of how awesome it was working with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"He's totally larger than life," Courtney explained. "I never really have expectations when I'm meeting someone who is kind of iconic, or a hero of mine -- I think it's best to reserve those opinions and judgment. But he was great. He has a lot of fun doing what he does. He loves this world, he loves playing this character... I think it's easy to underestimate what's happening there from a performance perspective. Because, perhaps you could think the character is somewhat two-dimensional, but there's a lot of choices happening there that you might not necessarily assume. I think I found new respect for him as an actor, in what he has to do playing something that's bionic."

"Terminator Genisys" hits theaters July 1.