Joseph Gordon-Levitt Returns To High School...And Goes Head-To-Head With Todrick Hall

In the latest episode of 'Hit Record on TV,' the dynamic duo vies for the same girl.

Whether you're sitting with the popular crowd or not, high school can be a pretty tough time for just about everyone. And while it seems like the never-ending drama won't come to an end, it eventually will -- especially when you put your happiness first and stop caring what others think.

Just take it from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Todrick Hall.

In the upcoming episode of JGL's "Hit Record on TV," the two join forces for "What They Say," a song-and-dance number about self-empowerment.

Traveling back in time to the 1950s (think "Grease" and "Hairspray"), a bubbly teenage girl -- played by "Teen Beach 2" star Morgan Larson -- decides she's tired of conforming to both the high school social scene and her "Prom King" beau (Gordon-Levitt). Before long, she confesses her true feelings for another classmate, a sweet but socially awkward wallflower (Hall).

"I'm just always so worried about what other people think I should do that it keeps me from doing what I really want to do," the girl admits.

So does true love conquer all? Find out in the video below, and catch the latest episode of "Hit Record on TV," airing Friday, June 26 at 10/9c on Pivot!