14 Things To Know About Bobby Jindal, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

Can this Baton Rouge-native take his campaign all the way to the White House?

Bobby Jindal has announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016. He joins a very long list of hopefuls that includes Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and so many more.

Jindal has made a name for himself among conservatives as a passionate and deeply-religious politician — but is he the right candidate for you?

  1. He’s the Republican Governor of Louisiana.

    A Louisiana native, Jindal was born and raised in Baton Rouge (actually not too far from the governor's mansion where he now resides.)

  2. He's an Indian-American trailblazer.

    Born to Indian immigrant parents, Jindal was the second Indian-American to serve in congress and the first to serve as governor.

  3. His wife is hella smart.

    Supriya Jindal is the only first lady in the country with a degree in engineering. The two married in October 1997.

  4. They have three kids together.

    Their names are Slade, Shaan and Selia. Here they are holding tiny bears.

  5. He chose to go by Bobby (after "The Brady Bunch.")

    He says his mom tells everyone this story: He used to love the show "The Brady Bunch" when he was little and really "identified" with Bobby Brady, so he asked everyone to call him Bobby instead of his given name, Piyush.

  6. He's a Christian-convert.

    Jindal was raised in a Hindu household, but said that he really identified with Christian teachings (particularly Catholicism) when he was in high school and converted.

  7. He had a plan to remove income tax.

    In 2013, Jindal had a plan to remove the state's income taxes (by increasing things like sales tax), but eventually pulled back once he realized his constituents were not in favor of it.

  8. He's open to immigration reform (once the borders are secure).

    Jindal says that he believes immigrants should be given opportunities to become "productive" citizens and believes that any immigrants should be encouraged to "assimilate" fully. He says he has no issue with "imposing American values" on those who enter the country.

  9. He's against same-sex marriage.

    Jindal has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage legislation and has even penned an op-ed in the New York Times earlier this year, promising to "hold firm" to his stance.

  10. He's been compared to Kenneth the page.

    Jindal drew some comparisons to the beloved "30 Rock" character after his response to President Obama's first State of The Union address. Do you get it?

  11. He's big on guns.

    An avid hunter himself, Jindal has supported bills that protect gun-owners rights and has given talks at National Rifle Association (NRA) events comparing gun rights to religious freedom rights.

  12. He was a snazzy dresser.

    In this #tbt, little Bobby looks like he belongs in a 70s cop show (also like one of the BeeGees.)

  13. He is anti-abortion.

    Jindal has a record of supporting additional restrictions for abortions in Louisiana and has also backed restrictive bills on a national level.

  14. He really knows how to party.

    #MondayFunday anyone?