Watch Channing Tatum As 'Magic Mike,' As Reimagined By Children

Spoiler alert for magic bike pumps.

If the whole "male stripper" thing doesn't work out for Magic Mike, at least now he has a backup plan -- as a sort of bike repairman/genie who fixes flat tires with his (ahem) magic bike pump.

This is clearly what the plot of "Magic Mike" should be, according to a bunch of elementary school kids who were given only the title of the movie and asked to write their own story to go with it. The resulting, thrilling bike-pump-related drama was performed on "The Tonight Show" last night (June 23) by host Jimmy Fallon and a visiting Channing Tatum, who's making the rounds to promote "Magic Mike XXL."

Channing also starred in a second children's theater edition of "Magic Mike" as a man charged with protecting the planet from invading aliens.

Now we just need Steven Soderbergh to come out of retirement just one more time to make "Magic Mike: Alien Bike Pump Battle." It's gonna be HUGE.