Out in the Night

Were These So-Called 'Killer Lesbians' Punished For Defending Themselves?

The Logo documentary 'Out in the Night' takes a closer look at a controversial NYC case.

On Monday night, Logo premiered the documentary “Out in the Night,” which explores a controversial Greenwich Village assault case dating back almost 10 years ago.

In August 2006, a fight involving seven young black women and 28-year-old Dwayne Buckle broke out in the downtown New York City neighborhood. Buckle was beaten, stabbed and hospitalized. According to Buckle, the women, all gay, attacked him for no reason.

But for the women, it was a clear case of self-dense: The group argued that the man first harassed and then threatened them. Surveillance footage captured by a movie theater showed Buckle “lunging” at one of the women, attacking them and choking one, according to a Daily Beast report. While details were still murky, the women were quickly dubbed "killer lesbians" by the tabloid media.

The doc explores how the coverage took on racist, sexist and homophobic overtones. For instance, the headline “Lesbian Wolf Pack Guilty” seemed particularly damning for a group of women who argued they were acting in self-defense and feared for their lives.

Now four of the women have been convicted of attempted murder. "Out in the Night" delves into details of the incident rarely discussed by the media and viewers get to meet the women themselves. The result is that things are far more complicated than they initially appear.

You can watch Logo Documentary Films' "Out in the Night" in the stream above.