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This Is Nicki Minaj's Idol (Who She's Literally 'Obsessed' With)

Nicki's idol is this Grammy Award-winning star.

Barbs idolize Nicki Minaj, but who does The Pinkprint MC look up to?

The answer is Monica - the famous r&b singer who's spent decades wowing audiences with songs like "Before You Walk Out Of My Life" and her classic Brandy duet "The Boy Is Mine."

How do we know Nicki looks up to Monica so much? We'll let Minaj tell it.

"I was telling Meek 'Did you know Monica was my idol? Did you know how obsessed I was with her?'" the rapper said in an Instagram post Monday (Jun. 22). "Nothing's changed. Still a dope ass singer, entertainer and person. I used to try to sing exactly like her, doing them low notes and riffs."

Of course Monica was flattered. So she responded with a post on her own IG page.

"I've always appreciated the love shown to me and the respect given personally and professionally from Nicki Minaj," the Grammy Award-winning singer said. "As you continue to walk in your purpose in life, music and love, I will always support you."

Nicki's post made us hope for a new collaboration from these two stars. And Monica would sound fresh with Minaj. She's already teamed up with some rappers in the past. Just check out this list of her hip-hop/r&b tag-teams:

Now we're just waiting on Monica and Nicki to get in the studio together.