Tove Lo Gets Naked On The Beach In 'Timebomb' Video: Watch

Lo spoke to MTV News about the inspiration behind the passionate clip.

Tove Lo bares her soul -- and ditches her clothes -- on the beach in the passionate new video for "Timebomb," a track detailing the multi-layered complexities of love.

The explosive video is a fitting tribute to complicated love -- times when romance isn't so black and white. As the Swedish pop songstress told MTV News, "'Timebomb' is about kind of about the moment you see someone you want, and you start thinking, 'Should I? Should I not?' Then you just say, 'F--k the consequences, I'm going for it.'"

She also elaborated on the complexities of the video's theme, saying, "I also wanted the video to be a little bit more than that, because I think you should be able to love whoever you want, and that's not the way it is for everybody in the world. So the video kind of touches that subject too, where it's like, we're a timebomb, because we can't be a couple, because everyone else says it's not alright. So it's a mix between that explosive passion that can only last one night, and also maybe can't last forever, because other people won't allow you to have that kind of love."