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Watch Bryan Cranston Go From Walter White To EDM DJ In One Night

The actor teamed up with Above & Beyond.

When Walter White from "Breaking Bad" is not cooking drugs, he's listening to some tremendous EDM.

Well, maybe not Walter White, but Bryan Cranston is definitely a fan. As Electric Daisy Carnival winds down after a relatively calm weekend compared to 2014, headliners Above & Beyond invited Cranston, a friend and fan, onstage to kick off their set.

The video begins with shots of the crowd holding up their phones and Bryan saying, "Say my name," an infamous line from the hit show, where bald Walter White uttered, "Now, say my name," in true Heisenberg style.

At the festival, the crowd erupted in cheers before Bryan added, "You're goddamn right," just like on the show.

"Walter White! Above & Beyond!" Bryan shouted before pushing the button to get the synths bumping and the dance party raging for more than 80,000 fans during the set. A casual EDM fan Bryan is not. Just look at that jumping up and down to the music once the beats drop.

But the love is not just one-sided. According to the group, "Breaking Bad" is their all-time favorite TV show and inspired their major track "Walter White," which is the one Cranston introduced. Call it full-circle fandom.