Watch Emilia Clarke Discuss Jon Snow's Demise And Khal Drogo's 'Huge' D--k

You're welcome, Momoa!

Emilia Clarke has been on fire during her "Terminator: Genisys" press tour, you guys.

Not only has she been hobbling around on crutches looking fiercer than me on my best and healthiest day, she's also been delivering great zingers and hilariously candid moments during her interviews (JLaw style) -- most notably on "The Graham Norton" show, where she quickly went from discussing Jon Snow's tragic "Game of Thrones" death to letting it slip that her former costar Jason Momoa has a large penis.

The slip came about when Clarke discussed how, during her season one rape scene (which was decidedly not funny), Momoa wore a fuzzy pink "modesty sock" during filming so she would look effectively freaked out by what was happening.

"It's huge and it's pink and I don't know what to do," Clarke shared of her experience -- which instantly made Clarke blush, and Norton and his other guests Jake Gyllenhaall and Cara Delevingne recoil in mock horror.

Consider this a consolation prize for getting killed off the show so early, Momoa!