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MGK Tells Us The Adorable Ingredients For His Ideal Father's Day

Lots of QT with Casie.

MGK may be an unforgiving MC, but he's got a huge heart when it comes to his daughter, six-year-old Casie.

So with Father's Day approaching this Sunday, we decided to ask Kells what his ideal Father's Day would be. And it sounds precious.

The main ingredients are family, friends, food and, of course, Casie.

"At the house with my kid and my niece, and they like to play together -- she likes to play mom to my little niece," the rapper said. "Just watching them."

Sprinkle in some card-playing and baked macaronni and cheese, sweet potatoes and turkey with gravy, and you've got the perfect day.

"Probably just that," he said, before adding one more crucial element: "And then fall asleep with my kid. That's the best."

In case you haven't seen Casie, she seems pretty awesome -- as evidenced by an Instagram Kells posted last month, where she was singing along passionately to his "A Little More."

"She does not play," he laughed. "Casie sings every Machine Gun Kelly lyric ever. She knows the raps. She knows 'em all. Any time I say something like, 'My little girl' in a song, or something like that, she'll be like, 'Are you talking about me?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' She'll be like, 'Yes!'"

Happy Father's Day, MGK.