'The Flash': 13 Secrets We Learned On Our Visit To The Set

Time to jump on the #Parry bandwagon. (For now.)

"The Flash" has obviously never heard of the sophomore slump. The superhero drama isn't slowing down its ambitious storytelling in its second season, crafting intricate comic book lore, compelling character drama, and multiple universes into a cohesive story worthy of its affable protagonist. (Also, there are Flash-themed coffee beverages. Eat your heart out, Star City.)

MTV News had the chance to chat with the cast of the superhero drama on a group press trip to the Vancouver set earlier this week. Here are 11 of of our favorite spoilerific tidbits we picked up on set...

Earth-2's Harrison Wells is "a douche bag."

The CW


So far in season 2, we've only had a few glimpses at the Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) of Earth-2, but that's all about to change now that Earth-2 Wells is in our 'verse. How does the gang react to the appearance of someone who looks exactly like their former mentor-turned-betrayer?

Initially, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) teased, Wells' appearance incites some "shock, confusion, [and] fear" for Barry: "But he moves on pretty quickly because we're grasping this Earth-2 idea. You know, it's not him. It's not the same guy. It's the actual guy that Barry always idealized and looked up to, but from a different world."

Though Gustin said that Barry is ironically "quicker to trust" Wells than he was Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), the relationship between Barry and Wells will continue to evolve over the course of the season: "We're shooting [episode] nine now and the layers are still getting peeled back. The relationship has not defined itself yet."

As for Earth-2 Wells' personality. Gustin described him as "less of a bad guy and just more of a douche bag," while Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) called him "even less cool than he was before." Burn. For his part, Cavanagh said that, while Eobard Thawne had a "certain intelligence and charm and mannered way to him," Earth-2 Harrison Wells is "much more brusque and arrogant and generates conflict."

Harrison Wells has a mission.

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Harrison Wells - The Flash

What brought Earth-2's Harrison Wells to Earth-1? Wouldn't we like to know... Though Cavanagh stayed understandably quiet about Well's larger plan, he did reveal that, like Eobard Thawne, Wells is on a "momentous mission" and that Wells is "similarly committed." Scary thought, given the lengths to which Thawne went to try to take Barry down...

Earth-2's Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick know each other.

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So far, the characters who has crossed over from Earth-2 to Earth-1 have had some kind of connection, but what of Earth-2 Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick? According to Sears, "Jay and Harrison certainly know each other, but Harrison Wells is a guy who's known to many people because of who he is back there."

If that sounds coy, that's because it is. The cast is keeping a tight lid on the details of that particular backstory — though Sears did add that we will find out "a teeny bit more about [Jay's] backstory, particularly in how it pertains to his relationship with Wells" in episode 5 of the season, so mark your calendars.

Joe's secrets will hurt his relationship with partner Patty.

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As the apparent leader of the anti-metahuman task force and the father figure to Central City's most famous metahuman, you better believe Joe West's loyalties are split. This will get Joe into a "bumpy situation" with new partner Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) because of all of the things Joe cannot share with her.

Martin teased: "To put her on the metahuman task force, but then to sort of put her in the dark as to what's really happening in most cases. Any strong woman won't take that well, so you'll get to see how she actually reacts to that. It's another kind of mistake that I make with another partner."

Patty and Barry are going to get closer.

The Fury of Firestorm

If it wasn't apparent from last night's ep, Barry and Patty are totally in like with one another and, unlike Barry's relationship with Linda last season, it will last "longer than two episodes," Gustin joked.

"They just get along really well and it's kind of effortless," Gustin added. "They are interested in a lot of the same stuff. It's an escape for Barry right now because everything else is heavy in his life other than his relationship with Patty." OK, now onto the most pressing question: what is their shipper name: #Parry? #Spivlen?

And it's kind of awkward for Joe...

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If, like us, you enjoyed Joe's reaction to Patty and Barry's punny flirting in last night's ep, then there might be more where that came from...

When asked about how Joe feels about Patty and Barry's burgeoning relationship, Martin teased: "There's a whole thing floating around — when at work, how much do they show their relationship. It flips back and forth. There's a point where I encourage him to just sort of be free with it, and then I see them being free with it, and I don't like it." #FineWithItNotFineWithIt

Iris is happy for Barry.

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Barry Allen and Iris West on The Flash

Though Candice Patton (Iris West) couldn't go too into too much detail about Iris' reaction to Barry's burgeoning relationship with Patty, she did say that "what's important is Iris loves Barry and wants to see him happy."

She compared the dynamic to Barry's own perspective on Iris and Eddie's relationship in season 1, saying: "As hard as it was for him, he just wanted her to be happy. So I think when Iris sees that Barry has an interest in a woman — and a really great woman at that — that she's quite supportive and quite happy for the both of them." Um, if anyone else is currently hiding something important from Iris West, maybe just tell her? She can handle it.

Iris will go to Barry for advice on Mama West.

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The Flash: All Star Team Up

Does anyone have any tears left after Joe's heartwrenching confession scene in which he told Iris the truth about her mother? (Nope, us either.) What's next for Iris now that she knows her mother is, you know, alive? Patton teased that Iris is not sure if she wants to pursue a relationship with her mother, but "talks to her best friend Barry [and] gets some advice on what the best thing to do is."

As for Joe's long-standing lie about Francine's fate, it seems that Iris really has forgiven him for the twisting of the past. Patton said: "Iris is kind of coming around to the idea of understanding that her father, even when he's lying, he has the best of intentions and it's to protect her ... So, yeah, I think she's a little more OK with it than not knowing that Barry Allen is The Flash. That's something he should have told her."

Iris will always love Barry.

WestAllen - The Flash

Don't get too excited, #WestAllen shippers. Patton was talking broadly when she described the loving relationship between Barry and Iris.

When asked how Iris feels about that West-Allen byline in the future newspaper from last season, Patton said: "We haven't really explored how Iris feels about that future. I think she knows that it's a possibility. Eddie told her that that's what was in the paper, so I think in some way she's deeply aware that that's a possibility. But, I don't know, I think, if it's true love, it'll find it's way."

Patton added: "The love between [Iris] and Barry will never ever go away. It's just dependent on what that love will look like and when. So, I think it's nice to know that, at some point, all of that sexual and romantic tension can kind of come to a head." ?

Barry and Caitlin probably aren't happening anytime soon.

The CW

The Flash

Don't think we forgot about you, #Snowbarry shippers! Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) was mostly mum on the possibility of romance between Barry and Caitlin anytime in the near future, but did say: "Hopefully, we have many seasons to play out lots of relationships on this show." Sounds like code for: not anytime soon.

Caitlin and Jay might be heading for some mistletoe...

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Our girl Caitlin might not be getting romantic with the Flash of Earth-1 anytime soon, but it sounds like things might get more flirty with the Flash of Earth-2. Panabaker said that the two characters have "a natural chemistry" that stems from the fact that "they speak the same technology language."

For his part, Sears teased: "They're comfortable around each other. We'll see them spending a little bit more time together in their S.T.A.R. Labs business stuff." And, though it may be "early days" in the #Snowjay dynamic, according to Sears, Panabaker did tease that Caitlin would be celebrating Christmas in the mid-season finale "with some mistletoe." ?

Cisco's visions will continue.

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Though we didn't get any more Vibe-like visions from Cisco (Carlos Valdes) in this week's episode, his metahuman abilities will continue to develop over the course of this half-season. Valdes teased that "things get a little more crazy" and "more visions start happening," adding: "I can't tell you exactly how that manifests or what happens as a result of those visions or anything like that, but I can tell you that things get a lot more complicated and Cisco has to come to terms with what's happening to him. And that is his biggest struggle at this point in the season."

Valdes implied that Cisco's unexpectedly negative reaction to his newfound powers would continue, saying: "They're flipping the expectation of what to expect on its head, and Cisco actually isn't responding well to what's happening to him. It's not a good thing for him and he's very scared. He doesn't know how to handle it."

Someone please notice that Cisco is freaking out here. His current confidante is about to head off to his own Flarrow universe spinoff and we cannot take Cisco's misery. Every time Cisco frowns, an angel loses its wings.

Barry will learn some new Flash moves.

The CW

The Flash

Barry has been upping his Flash game in season 2 so far, and that process will continue. Though it was Jay who taught Barry how to throw a lightning bolt, Gustin said that Barry "takes it upon himself actually a couple of times in this season to teach himself some new things."

Gustin teased that, come the midseason finale, Barry will do something with his powers "that he's never done before," describing the move as "in the moment," "kind of goofy," and "very comic book-y." Let the speculation begin...