Ashley Greene Opens Up About Playing The Girlfriend From Hell

In 'Burying the Ex,' romance never dies.

Life is for the living -- unless you're undead, that is.

Ashley Greene knows from the supernatural, having played vampire Alice Cullen in the uber-successful "Twilight" franchise, and now zombified ex-girlfriend Evelyn in the new "Burying the Ex."

Evelyn is the Earth-loving, color-coordinating Type A girlfriend to horror lover Max (Anton Yelchin). When she dies suddenly and comes back as a zombie, what seems like it could be a dream come true turns out to be, well, a nightmare. How can Max pursue a new relationship with Certified Cool Girl Olivia (Alexandra Daddario) when his old romance just won't die?

MTV News chatted with Greene ahead of the release of "Burying the Ex," and she told us that the script was so good that she just couldn't help but step back into the world of the supernatural to play the girlfriend from hell (or at least the morgue).

"I generally stay away from the supernatural because I played Alice Cullen for five years," Greene said. "You know, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself, but again I think I was the most radically different vampire than one you’d ever seen and I think the same thing can be said about Evelyn and her evolution into becoming a zombie."

She cited the film's combination of "classic horror with kind of screwball comedy" as a selling point.

"It gives you a throwback to the kind of old horror movies that we’ve all seen," she said.

Not that she's a fan of horror movies...anymore.

"You know, I used to be until I moved to California and lived on my own without my parents. Then the older I got, the more realistic they became for me," Greene said. "The older I’ve got, the more cautious I’ve become so I think I try to generally avoid them and not put those thoughts in my mind."

Now, she said, if she's watching a horror movie, "I generally just sleep with a nightlight for the next couple of nights" and feels grateful that she lives with her boyfriend, her brother and four dogs, she said laughingly.

It wasn't only playing a zombie that was new to Greene: she also played a consummate mean girl, a change after sweet Alice in "Twilight," her character in "Wish I Was Here," and more films.

"It’s easier to really lose yourself in a character and create an entire world whenever they are so vastly different than you," Greene said, "and I think sometimes playing the nice girl, you tend to lean back on habits and thoughts and reactions that you as a person would have."

On the other hand, playing an "outrageous" villain, Greene noted, is a lot more fun... Though still brings in some of those nice girl qualities.

"She’s bubbly and dancing around and singing and making pancakes and trying to be Susie-homemaker," Greene said, "and then the second something doesn’t go her way, she turns into the girlfriend from hell."

"Burying the Ex" is in theaters now.