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Marvel's Congratulations To 'Jurassic World' Is The Definition Of Class

Chris Pratt on a dinosaur is what you needed to see today.

This weekend held great news for "Jurassic World" fans, and sad news for "The Avengers" fans: the superhero team-up was no longer the biggest box office opening of all time... Instead, the dino-sequel had taken the crown with $208.8 million dollars in one weekend.

So what did Marvel do? Did they throw a fit? Add a cool dinosaur character to "Captain America: Civil War?" Nope, they responded in the classiest way possible:

Several immediate observations off of this:

1. It probably makes it easier that they've got Chris Pratt starring in their own blockbuster series, "Guardians of the Galaxy."

2. So, Thor, The Vision, sort-of Captain America, and a T. Rex are worthy? Good to know.

3. Hey, where's Bryce Dallas Howard in that thank you? We'd blame it on her lack of social media presence, but Spielberg got a shout-out and she didn't. 140 characters, I know, but just saying.

4. Can we please get Star-Lord riding a dinosaur in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2?" Thanks.

In case you're wondering about the artist, Marvel head Kevin Feige was happy to drop his name, which is nice:

And hey, Marvel has every reason to be gracious: chances are they could be receiving a similar piece of art from Universal when "Civil War" opens next year. Stay tuned...