'Jurassic World': Here's The One Question You Should All Be Asking (But Aren't)

We're forgetting someone here.

Hey, everyone, let's talk about how Chris Pratt is absolutely, definitely going to be in a sequel to "Jurassic World." He should totally play Indiana Jones, too, right? The rumors have it!

And that Colin Trevorrow, he did such a fantastic job directing the latest installment in the "Jurassic" franchise, wouldn't it be cool if he took on a "Star Wars" movie next? It's within his reach, if he wants it, according to fans.

And Bryce Dallas Howard...wait what is Bryce Dallas Howard up to next?

We've had plenty of questions, burning and otherwise, answered since "Jurassic World" was released last week, but there's one bit of speculation that has been surprisingly absent from discussion: what the heck is actual star of "Jurassic World" Howard going to do next?

Slight "Jurassic World" spoilers below the angry dinosaurs. Beware.


Let's talk about -- beyond the fact that Howard is awesome and we love her -- why this is important.

Pratt has gotten rightful attention for all of his antics riding motorcycles with raptors, and is certainly a consistent and entertaining presence in the movie, but when it comes down to it, Howard has more screen time and more action than Pratt does. She arrives in the story earlier than he does -- fielding phone calls and shuttling kids around in the park from the very beginning -- and saves the day at the end of the story.

If you need someone to impress kids with a hella loud motorcycle, great. Chris Pratt's your guy. But if you need someone to get up in a giant dinosaur's face with a flare and then make it fight another giant dinosaur? Yeah, BDH is your girl. Where's her solo badass action star poster?


Yes, Howard did get her own solo poster -- and it's a cool looking one -- but it's her passively looking at a dino, versus Pratt's very active motorcycle raptor gang ride.

It seems to be another sign of Hollywood's Lady Problem that so much focus has been placed on the male lead and director of this giant, awesome movie, while the true lead, a woman, is barely mentioned. Not only is it unfair to Howard, who turns in a praiseworthy performance, it's a disservice to female moviegoers.

"Jurassic World" is aimed at a vast audience, but there are plenty of young women who are a part of that crowd. Is it not worth it to market this female executive-turned-action hero to them? She's a hero in heels, and saves everyone's neck at the end. We need more strong female characters like this on big screens and reaching huge audiences, and we don't need to hide them like broccoli in pasta. It's not a yucky-but-good-for-you aspect of the film, it's something that should be celebrated and lauded as essential.

You can't swing a cat without running into a headline lauding Pratt or Trevorrow's Next Big Thing; even Jake Johnson, who played a minor character mostly used for comic relief, is being asked whether he'll be back for the next movie.

Who's asking Howard that question? We all should be, but it's glaringly absent from coverage. According to Howard's IMDb, she has only "Pete's Dragon" and a short film, "Pants Suits," upcoming. "Jurassic" is lauded as Pratt's biggest movie and Trevorrow's biggest movie, but Howard is absent from that list. Even Marvel's congratulations to "Jurassic" for shattering box office records set by "Avengers" left Howard off the list in favor of Pratt, Trevorrow and even Steven Spielberg.

So next time you find yourself urging Chris Pratt to grab Indy's whip and wondering whether Trevorrow should be seated at the controls of the Millennium Falcon, don't forget who the real star is here.

"Jurassic World" is in theaters now.