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You Have To Watch Hilary Duff Recreate These Memorable 'Laguna Beach’ Moments

I promise this is the best thing you will see all day.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly 11 (!!) years since "Laguna Beach" came into our lives.

Eleven years ago, we were introduced to LC, Kristin and their love triangle with Stephen, and 11 years ago, we got the show's theme song, Hilary Duff's "Come Clean," stuck in our heads on a weekly basis.

We caught up with the "Sparks" singer and decided to relive those "Laguna Beach" days, but we didn't just want her to talk about it, we wanted her to reenact it. See, Hilary has been debuting new music off her just-released album Breath In. Breathe Out on Dubsmash, so we thought we would put her to the "Laguna Beach" Dubsmash test. And guess what? She was all for it.

So "let's go back, back to the beginning," literally, with episode one as Hilary and I reenact the moment where Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth and Christina plan their famous black and white party. Obviously, Hilary is much better at this than I am.

Of course, we got to show Kristin some love because her "car is dunzo."

And finally, "let the rain fall down and wake my dreams," but guess what? It's not a dream, this is real and it's awesome.

To check out how these Dubsmashes came together, watch this!