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Mysterious Justin Bieber Skywriting Appears Above New York, Baffles Many

Here's 15 thoughts on that weird weekend skywriting.

As if you don't see enough Justin Bieber headlines in the tabloids, a new Biebs declaration appeared in the sky on Sunday. A skywriter took to the New York City skies to write "Justin Bieber is a smileophile" this weekend for some reason.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. 'Smileophile' isn't a word...
  2. ...but if it was a word, it'd be accurate. Justin really does like to smile.
  3. He actually has one of the best smiles in the world.
  4. This is him smiling on vacation while looking at pictures of NYC skywriting probably.
  5. But also, like, who did this skywriting?
  6. I asked some skywriting companies in NYC, but they said they couldn't help me. Likely story, guys!
  7. I don't know EVERYTHING about Bieber, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have his pilot's license.
  8. So who would make such a declaration? A Bieber employee or a fan?
  9. And is 'smileophile' a secret clue?
  10. I mean, he had that song 'U Smile' four years ago.
  11. We all know that 'when you smile, I smile,' which is not only an excellent rhyme, but hella cute.
  12. So maybe the skywriting was just intended to make us smile?
  13. Or maybe it's teasing something that's upcoming?
  14. After all, Justin said he's got some incredible new music coming.
  15. Fingers crossed that 'smileophile' is something more than just a random dude who was bored in his plane.