'Hunger Games' Fans: Get Your Exclusive First Look Inside The New Exhibition

We volunteer as tribute to go check this out.

Practice your Mockingjay whistle and ready your camouflage face paint, because you're about to be able to go into the Hunger Games for real.

Or, at the very least, look at real costumes and props from the ultra-successful franchise.

Beginning July 1, Discovery Times Square in New York City will display an unmatched collection of authentic props, costumes, interactive experiences and more from the films as part of "The Hunger Games: The Exhibition." The exhibition will remain through the end of the year, until January 3, 2016.

Most hotly anticipated, of course, will be the fantastical costumes worn by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) throughout the series. MTV News has the very first look at some of the costumes that will be on display, a progression showing Katniss' evolution from District 12 hunter to Panem icon to freedom fighter with: Katniss' hunting clothes, worn in "The Hunger Games;" her "Catching Fire" wedding dress; and finally her jet-black armor from "Mockingjay" parts 1 and 2.

Check it out:

Of course, there's much more to be found at the exhibit. Guests will get to look at Cinna's guestbook and take a look at Katniss' bow up close and in person as they travel through the exhibit's seven galleries, as well as participate in all-new interactive experiences that'll bring them closer than ever to the world of Panem.

The exhibit opens July 1. Until then, we'll be all like: