Jason LaVeris/Getty Image

Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Embody Your Summer Relationship Goals

A sweet pic marks the couple's one-year anniversary.

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are presumably still planning their wedding -- the pair got engaged just under six months ago, in late 2014 -- but in the meantime, they had an anniversary to celebrate: Their love affair turned one year old this weekend.

Like most one year-olds, the Joefia romance is super-adorable, to the point where it may give you a serious case of Cute Aggression.

Is it possible to burrow inside someone else's relationship and make a blanket fort out of it? Because that's how warm and fuzzy these two look together.

Sofia posted the photo above to her Instagram, where she referred to Joe Manganiello as "the love of my life." Which is funny, because that's also what I call him, every night, as I fall asleep alone with a thousand cats.

Happy anniversary, guys!