'Scream': Here's What The (Blood) Red Carpet Looked Like 19 Years Ago

The dopey hats! The spaghetti straps! AAAAAAAH!

Fashion has come a very long way since "Scream" first premiered in theaters in December 1996. Almost 20 years later, we're now into crop tops, oversized plaid shirts, dark black lipstick, bike shorts -- oh no, wait. This all sounds familiar. And hey, "Scream" is coming back, too, as a show on MTV this summer -- on June 30, in fact! So, it works out.

Looking for even more fashion inspo from the '90s? You could do a lot worse than what Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich and the rest of the 'Scream' cast were wearing on that fateful red carpet. Although... maybe think twice about your choice of hats. Just as a general rule.

  • Famke Janssen looked fabulous.
    Getty Images

    Man, does she look different when she's not a redhead -- or a mutant.

  • And so did Neve Campbell.


  • Not so much for Skeet Ulrich, though.

    *tips hat* M'lady.

  • Reese Witherspoon wandered here from class or something.

    She looks kind of a college freshman lost on the quad, but MAN does it work for her.

  • Michael Rappaport dressed up for the occasion.

    Celebs -- they chew their sweatshirt pulls just like us!

  • The Zappas came by.

    They weren't even in the movie, but you know what? Who's gonna refuse somebody named "Moon-Unit?"

  • Angie Everheart and Ashley Hamilton happened.

    That relationship may not have lasted but that coat Angie's wearing is timeless, right?... RIGHT?

  • Courteney Cox and David Arquette were... wearing clothes.

    Wow, that's a jacket.

  • Let's see the inside!

    Y i k e s.

  • WireImage

    The cast of "Friends" showed up to support their buddy Courtney Cox!

  • WireImage

    "Can you BE-lieve I'm here right now?" (Admit it, you read that in the sarcastic Chandler voice)

  • Linda Blair was the fanciest drum major

    I mean, I'D follow her in a parade.

  • Matthew Lillard was pre-emptively channeling Theon Greyjoy.

    C'mon, tell me you don't see the resemblance.

  • Jamie Kennedy looked unrecognizable

    And not in that way he looks unrecognizable when he's wearing a disguise and trying to prank people.

  • While Bijou Phillips looked perf.

    You could definitely get that same look at an Urban Outfitters RIGHT now if you wanted.

  • And Rose McGowan is clearly immortal.

    Oh look, she's EXACTLY THE SAME.

  • Seriously though, LOOK at her.

    This is when she stopped aging, right? 1996?

  • And, of course, Drew Barrymore!

    She only attended the London premiere and not the LA one, but c'mon. Look at that dress.

  • Wait, what’s so funny, Neve?

    Is it Skeet’s hat? It’s definitely Skeet’s hat.

"Scream" premieres on MTV on June 30.