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'Paper Towns' Cast Reveals Their Surprising 'Pokémon' Connection

We choose THEM.

Additional reporting by Crystal Bell, Art by Quinlan Omahne

Spoilers for "Paper Towns" past this point.

If there's one thing you should know about "Paper Towns," it's that it's gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.

Yeah, the Pokémon force is strong with this one, from a drunken rendition of the popular show's theme song to heartfelt discussions of which Pokémon the characters feel best represents them.

MTV News broke open the Poké Ball in chats with the cast and got them to tell us what their personal Pokémon would be, as well as how the amazing scene got into the movie in the first place.

Reader be warned: asking whose idea it was to have Quentin (Nat Wolff), Ben (Austin Abrams), Radar (Justice Smith), Lacey (Halston Sage) and Angela (Jaz Sinclair) belt out the Pokémon theme song for a boost in courage before diving through one of the movie's infamous (and creepy) troll holes in search of Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne) might be tricky territory to navigate.

"There's a huge fight over who came up with that," John Green said.

"It was my idea," Sage said. "This is what this whole interview day is about, it's about who came up with the Pokémon song."

Smith, of course, insisted that it was his idea, and reminisced about his "younger years when I used to play Pokemon Silver on my Gameboy Color."

Director Jake Schreier, for his part, won't take a side. "Halston and Justice have a long-running argument about who first suggested the Pokémon song," he said. Originally, he had suggested the "DuckTales" theme song for the scene and "there were blank stares."

"And then Halston was like, 'What about the Pokémon song?' but Justice says it was him – I’ll let them fight it out," he said. "And then they all just started singing it. Like there on set and it was like OK, that’s the song. You know that it is an actual thing that these kids remember from their childhood and is real and something that they can go back to and something that they shared. In a way, coming from them is better than anything that we could have suggested or tried to put in there."

In honor of the movie's Poké-devotion, we created a tribute and Poké-fied the film's main characters. We think it's the very best... The best that ever was. But what do you think of little Pika-Margo?


"Paper Towns" hits theaters July 24.