Oh Crap: Someone Steele-d The New 'Fifty Shades' Book

Something shade-y is going on right now.

Break out the whips and handcuffs because someone's being terribly naughty right now.

According to the BBC, a much-coveted copy of E.L. James' new "Fifty Shades" installment called "Grey," a telling of the first story from Christian Grey's perspective, has been snatched.

And now police are investigating the apparent theft in the hopes of sending the bad boy or girl possessing the steamy new volume straight to the red room before they can blow the load and leak the new book online or sell illegal copies.

The book, which is due to hit shelves on June 18 (Christian's birthday, of course), is said to give "Fifty" fans a steamy glimpse into the mind of the sexy billionaire, with special attention to his, um, deepest desires.


Interestingly enough, a strikingly similar situation happened with Stephenie Meyer and her would-be "Twilight" series companion told from Edward Cullen's perspective, "Midnight Sun," back in 2008.

In short, Meyer had been working on a version of "Twilight" as narrated by the amber-eyed vamphunk, and then it got hijacked in unfinished format and published online. The result? She never finished it and instead posted the undone transcript on her own website.

This connection is especially relevant since, well, the "Fifty Shades" series did start out as a series of online "Twilight" fan-fiction called "Master of the Universe."

So, if "Grey" somehow does get leaked to the web world, as Random House no doubt desperately fears, it would basically be another a case of history repeating between these two Sagas. Yikes.