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Which 'Jurassic World' Star Is Your Goofy Boyfriend? Take Our Quiz

Who's the lucky guy?

The upcoming film "Jurassic World" is an embarrassment of goofy boyfriend riches. In one cast, we have Chris Pratt, goofus extraordinaire, Jake Johnson, eccentric goofus, and Nick Robinson, mysterious young goofus. If Paul Rudd was somehow in this movie, it would reach peak handsome adorkable levels and the Earth's core would probably melt or something.

It's a serious issue.

So the question we're all asking ourselves -- other than whether we really could train velociraptors to do our bidding -- is which of these goofy boyfriends should be our goofy boyfriend.

Luckily, there's a quiz designed to tell us exactly that. Take it below, and find out which "Jurassic World" star is your goofy boyfriend.

"Jurassic World" stomps into theaters June 12.