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16 Things You Should Say 'Yes' To This Summer

Let one word change your whole summer!

Maybe it's the smell of sunscreen getting to our heads or the lemonade benders clouding our thought processes, but there's just something about summer that makes us feel like we can totally conquer the world. Every decision, every rule, suddenly it all comes down to whatever YOU want. Feeling like ice cream for breakfast? Do it! Getting the sudden desire to fill an empty coconut with some tropical juice concoction that you can sip from a straw? Even better!

These specifically warm-weather urges you have are just the universe's way of telling you that SUMMER IS HERE. Check out 16 ways you can let summer take over -- and don't try to fight it, because we won't let you.

  1. Say "yes" to outdoor picnics.

    You get to hand-pick the people, the location AND the food! Picnics are the ultimate definition of having it your way all summer long.

  2. Say "yes" to putting tiny umbrellas in every drink.

    I don't care if you're drinking a strawberry daiquiri or a tall glass of water, you go ahead and put that tiny umbrella in your drink because it's summer and you can.

  3. Say "yes" to sunscreen!

    Obviously don't eat it -- just wear it. Because nothing ruins a week of summer like turning into a peel-y lobster and, wow, I'm sorry for that visual.

  4. Say "yes" to bonfires.

    Grab the crew and post up on the beach, campgrounds, a backyard, wherever! Even though the smell won't leave your hair and clothes for days, it's totally worth it.

  5. Say "yes" to making this s'mores dip.

    This is clearly a culinary masterpiece sent down from the heavens, so make it; you just should.

  6. Say "yes" to a beach day or two (or 20.)

    Getting to the beach is required if you want a postcard-perfect summer. Set up your beach chair oh so perfectly so that when the tide comes rolling in, it'll just barely touch your toes. Trust me, you'll never put your chair anywhere else again.

  7. Say "yes" to ice cream because ICE CREAM!

    Back to my point about eating ice cream for breakfast -- just let it happen.

  8. Say "yes" to spontaneous road trips.

    It's you, your friends, the open road and the chance to belt some Destiny's Child. You can't beat it.

  9. Say "yes" to DIY summertime crafting.

    Seriously, the crafting possibilities are endless. For starters, just grab some beads and make a good ole "BFF" bracelet for old time's sake.

  10. Say "yes" to making the most perfect pool-party playlist.

    You know, one that would make Queen Bey so proud she'd jump right in with you.

  11. Say "yes" to catching Ariana Grande on tour!

    The only place you'll ever be able to sing "ONE LAST TIME, I NEED TO BE THE ONE WHO TAKES YOU HOME" at the top of your lungs, judgement-free and without sounding desperate AF, so take advantage of that. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to bask in all of Ariana's empowering songstress glory.

  12. Say "yes" to getting on a workout grind.

    We see you putting off those workout classes (mostly because we do it too) but what better time than now to go to that yoga class you've been meaning to join all year!

  13. Say "yes" to checking out some popular summer reads.

    Because having the freedom to read something other than a text book is straight up liberating. And YA fans should be sure to check out MTV News' own Brenna Ehrlich's debut novel, PLACID GIRL, which is like a punk-rock version of "Catfish." With murder.

  14. Say "yes" to putting down your phone for a while.

    Put down technology for a few hours and give yourself time to do literally anything else. You can do it, we believe in you.

  15. Say "yes" to watching 'Magic Mike XXL' when it hits theaters July 1.

    And then say "yes" to watching it over and over and OVER again.

  16. Say "yes" to some serious relaxation time.

    Because IT'S FINALLY SUMMER and you earned it!