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See Musical Proof That Jessica Chastain And Bryce Dallas Howard Are Definitely (Probably) Two Different People

Not all redheads.

They both have red hair. They're both serious actresses who have been known to take a big budget (or horror) movie on occasion. And they were both in "The Help." But other than that, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain are two entirely different people... Right?

Well, Chris Pratt, who is co-starring with Howard in "Jurassic World" confirmed it, so there is that piece of evidence.

...But this tweet from Jessica Chastain, of Bryce Dallas Howard singing a song about how she's not Jessica Chastain actually only confuses the issue even further. Because what is even going on here.

First of all, is that Chastain or Howard? Because writing out their names this much, I've completely lost all understanding of who they are, and who they look like, and who is who, and what my name is even. Maybe I'm Jessica Chastain? Maybe we're all Bryce Dallas Howard? Does anything exist anymore?

Anyway, the song Bryssica Dallas Choward sings in that tweet comes from the amazing video below, a musical tribute to the duo that will basically break your brain. Enjoy.