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11 Times Rita Ora Vocally Slayed Us

She can sing!

We can't get enough "Poison."

No, not the toxic kind -- I'm talking about Rita Ora's latest track. She released the song's video last week, and now you may be in a total Rita rut.

And while the British singer has been dealing with some meanies lately -- we're looking at you, A$AP Rocky -- we thought we'd celebrate Rita for who she is: a vocal goddess, as evidenced by her new song. Here are 11 times Rita vocally slayed us, and watch out, there's a little "Poison" at the end:

  1. She casually broke into "No Scrubs" during an interview
  2. She killed Outkast's "Hey Ya" (in a good way).
  3. Her cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" had a little more oomph than the guys'.
  4. Check out the acoustic version of "Shine Ya Light."
  5. She managed to turn up and turn down with an acoustic version of "How We Do."
  6. You will never hear "R.I.P." the same.
  7. She stripped down "Roc The Life."
  8. She bravely took on Beyonce's "Drunk In Love."
  9. Here she is doing DJ Fresh's "Hot Right Now."
  10. Her new song, "Poison," leaves a lot to her vocal runs.
  11. And of course, you can't forget what she brought to "Black Widow" during the 2014 VMAs.