19 Hot ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ Moments That Explain Why Brangelina Got Together

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It's been 10 years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie played house shoot-em-up-bang-bang style as a pair of secret -- even from each other -- assassins in "Mrs. and Mrs. Smith."

Since then, IRL there've been six kids, one Crayola wedding dress, and many other major life stuffs making them a lovey dovey pair for the ages, and finally (!!) the two are about to reunite for the big screen again with "By The Sea." And yes, it's another, um, complicated romance.

But Brangelina has given themselves some big shoes to fill if they're looking to give us some of their signature steam scenes because, even a decade later, these "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" scenes are still scalding hot.

  1. This dancing in the rain bit from when they first became a thing. MELT.
  2. And then their suggestive dancing maneuvers after figuring one another out.
  3. He even gave us a fourth wall wink when things got really racy.
  4. And Angelina had some sizzle all her lonesome, of course. Like when she let her hair down to, um, entice the target.
  5. As did Brad, with his world-changing smile-stare thing.
  6. Here, he was still fine even though he did try to pull out his man card...
  7. And then got shut the f--k down.
  8. And there was this moment when she took charge of the situation and proved Angelina is an ultimate action heroine.
  9. And then when they finally realized what was happening and surrendered to the smooch.
  10. NBD. Just two people being hawt AF.
  11. And there was this moment of pure post-coital bliss.
  12. The satisfaction. Mmmm.
  13. Here, she flashed her award-winning smile.
  14. And who didn't smirk when they answered the front door all coy-like and half-nekkid?
  15. Here, when they just let it BURN.
  16. This part, when they did their best Bonnie and Clyde impression to get revenge.
  17. Hey, it is a fair question.
  18. And then they had this happy news for the therapist.
  19. Rawr.