See The One Thing Michael B. Jordan, Amanda Seyfried, And Alexandra Daddario Have In Common

Ten years ago, the three stars found success in a soapy place.

What you are about to see is quite literally a photo of Michael B. Jordan, Amanda Seyfried, and Alexandra Daddario sharing one soap.

Before you get too excited, though, we should probably mention that by "soap" we mean "soap opera," a.k.a. the long-running, high-drama daytime shows where lots of young actors get an early start.

Turns out, the three celebs were not only all members of the cast of "All My Children" as teens, but they were all on the show at the same time. The evidence: this photo retweeted by Daddario last night (June 7).

They look like babies!

Although plenty of actors have daytime TV cred on their resumes, it's rare to see so many future stars in one place at one time. Plus, Daddario's last year on the show was Jordan's first -- i.e. they barely overlapped -- and Seyfried was only a cast member for a brief three-episode arc, which makes it extra strange that they all ended up in this photo together.

Strangest of all, the three stars have all gone on to have wildly successfuly careers since the pic was taken -- Seyfried starred in "Mean Girls" the very next year, Jordan will be in the upcoming "Fantastic Four" movie, and Daddario was one half of the most talked-about scene on the most talked-about show of 2014 -- but they have never, ever been photographed together again.

Is the universe conspiring to keep them apart, lest their sheer star power throw the earth off its axis? Discuss.