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Jennifer Lopez Sued For Bootylicious Performance In Morocco

The lawsuit claims J. Lo 'disturbed public order' with her sexiness.

Jennifer Lopez’s butt is the target of a diplomatic crisis in Morocco.

Yes, really.

After a concert she played in the North African nation last week was aired on public TV, Lopez found herself in hot water with Moroccan authorities. An education group has filed a lawsuit claiming the entertainer and her bootylicious performance “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.” If convicted of the charges (spoiler alert: definitely not likely), she would face two years in prison.

It’s an all-too-common tale: American pop star accepts a booking in a foreign country, unknowingly interferes with local conservative laws, and finds herself at the center of some bogus scandal. It happened to Miley Cyrus last year in Mexico, when she was slapped with a fine after spanking her butt with the country's flag.

Now, Lopez is facing similar ramifications for doing nothing other than her typical "Booty"-shaking choreography. According to TMZ, the show was no different than anything you’d expect to see at a typical J.Lo performance, complete with sexy outfits and sultry dancing galore. She's performed several times in Morocco without incident, but apparently it was too much for television to handle.

Looks like Morocco has lost its booty privileges for the foreseeable future. But we're still in the clear over here, so let's celebrate with a booty appreciation GIF, shall we?