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Which 'Friends' Significant Other Are You? (Quiz)

You might *think* you're not a Janice, but OH MY GOD.

If you're like us, your "Friends" obsession has been hitting new highs (or lows, depending on how you look at it) ever since it made way to the interwebs for constant streaming. Because YES NETFLIX, we are fine and it's totally normal for us to be watching this ish for 12 hours straight, thankyouverymuch. 'Cause the Szechuan Dragon sent us home already, geez.

Anyway, if you've ever been curious which of those "Friends" lovers you may or may not be most like -- i.e., would your love life be DOA too? -- then look no further because we've crunched the algorithms on Chandler's spiffy laptop and came up with this full-proof (read: completely unscientific) method of determining which of the Friends' significant others YOU are most like.