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Is 50 Cent Like Mark Wahlberg? This 'Power' Star Definitely Thinks So

Find out why 50's been a 'pleasant surprise' according to Omari Hardwick.

When you think of 50 Cent, you might just picture a platinum selling rap star. But, as "Power" actor Omari Hardwick pointed out recently, there’s more to the G-Unit titan.

"I knew him to be not only brilliant as a musician but brilliant as a business man," Hardwick said of the rapper-turned-“Power” exec during a June 2 interview with VH1. "What I did not know was whether he could pull off a show that we’d seen the likes of Mark Wahlberg being able to pull off in 'Boardwalk Empire' ‘Entourage.’

"People forget oftentimes that Mark Wahlberg can be categorically placed next to 50," he added. "We don’t know if a musician can pull off such a severity of a show.”

Hardwick went on to call 50 a “pleasant surprise” and “one of the top executive producers” on the show. But like Wahlberg, Fif's not just staying behind-the-scenes. He's set to co-star in Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming drama “Southpaw,” which his mentor Eminem just released a single for.

50's heard these types of doubts for years. Back in 2011, for instance, the MC/actor/exec spoke with MTV News about his skeptics.

“I feel like I’m growing," he said. "When the projects get bigger and better, the public will start to shift and treat [it] like anyone else’s progress.”

Looks like more and more people are noticing this progress, Fif.