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17 Questions Sam Smith Needs To Answer Now That He Can Speak Again

Sam can finally speak again! Now let's get to the bottom of these mysteries.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sam Smith. As you may remember, poor Sam had surgery on his vocal cords last month due to a hemorrhage, forcing him to cancel a bunch of tour dates and give a silent (but memorable) award show speech. He was also ordered not to speak for three whole weeks, which he understandably hated.

But at last, those three weeks are up and Sam can finally speak again! The 23-year-old celebrated the occasion by posting a pic to Instagram of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” enthusiastically captioning it, “I CAN SPEAK AGAIN!!!!!!!” He also announced rescheduled dates in Australia and shared a cute selfie with his awesome surgeon.

Along with the anticipation of seeing Sam get back to what he does best — slaying stages with his soulful performances — we’re also thrilled his voice is back because we have several burning questions about his life during the past few weeks. Sam, please enlighten us on all of the following:

  1. How did you listen to this album and NOT sing along to “If I Ain’t Got You?” Was that as painfully challenging as we imagine it would be?
  2. Does your new house have ghosts?
  3. When you played with the Harry Potter wands that your sisters gave you, were you just running around mouthing “Alohomora!” at random doors?
  4. Do you think Lauryn Hill should come back for the new “Sister Act” movie?
  5. Is this you lounging on a giant fuzzy koala bear?
  6. Which house would you be sorted into at Hogwarts?
  7. Was it awkward to hang out with groups of people? Did you communicate via sign language?
  8. Which is the more iconic Emma Thompson role: Professor Trelawney or Nanny McPhee?
  9. Would you like to tell us all now how insanely delicious this pancake was? You’re probably still holding that in, so go ahead and brag about it.
  10. Can you please make your first post-op talk show appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show?” You two are cute friends.
  11. Jasper was the worst, right? Also, do you absolutely DIE when Jude Law does his Mr. Napkinhead bit?
  12. Is this you playing piano inside a giant glass case of emotion?
  13. You said “Practical Magic” is your favorite (sorry, favourite) movie. Which sister do you like better, Sally or Gillian?
  14. Could you elaborate on this, please?
  15. How did you hang out with this aggressively cute baby and resist audibly gushing over her?
  16. Ditto on this cat. How could you not scream from the rooftops after cradling this furry munchkin of a kitten?
  17. Were these really your first words today?