14 Things You Should Know About Rick Perry, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

Will 2016 be the year Perry's opinions become popular?

Rick Perry has announced that he is running for president. That makes him the 10th potential candidate for the Republican party, facing off against nearly a football team's worth of other hopefuls.

Perry ran back in 2012, but you may need to brush up on his platforms before the primaries start up. Here's what you need to know:

  1. He's a Republican from Texas.

    Perry was the son of farmers, born and raised in Texas.

  2. ...And he was the governor for 15 years.

    Perry became the governor of the lone star state in 2000 - when George W. Bush left to begin his first term as president - and remained in office until January of 2015. He announced his retirement following his final term. Not long after, buzz began about his 2016 run.

  3. He has a wife and 2 kids.

    Perry married Anita Thigpen, his childhood sweetheart (aw!), in 1982 and they have two grown children together (Griffin and Sydney), and two grandchildren.

  4. His "unpopular opinions" went viral.

    After releasing an ad for his 2012 campaign where he said "there's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military, but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school," Perry became a meme. For a few months after that, people shared gifs of Perry's controversial video with different "unpopular opinions."

  5. He supports a strong military presence in the Middle East.

    Perry thinks our military needs to do more to fight militants in the Middle East, and has said that we should increase the numbers of boots on the ground and air strikes carried out.

  6. He's against making deals with Iran.

    Perry has said that if he's elected, he would invalidate any deals the Obama Administration made with Iran.

  7. He's against abortion.

    Perry is strongly against abortion and has said that he would want to ban all abortions unless it's needed to save the pregnant woman's life.

  8. He believes states should get to decide on marriage laws.

    Perry isn't in favor of same-sex marriage himself, but says the decision should stay in the hands of the states.

  9. He thinks immigration reform is impossible without a stronger borders.

    But, he also believes it's necessary to educate the undocumented kids who are already in the country, supporting in-state tuition rates regardless of their status. He said he thinks anyone who denies those kids that doesn't have a heart.

  10. He's got some piano skills.

    He could probably put your 4th grade piano recital to shame.

  11. Glenn Beck thinks he ended the long-time drought in Texas.

    In response to the recent deadly floods in Texas, conservative TV personality Glenn Beck said that Perry's prayer in 2011 to end an awful drought brought on the rain.

  12. He supports a flat tax.

    Like many conservatives, Perry believes taxes should be a flat rate for everyone, regardless of income - 20% in his case, with deductions made for mortgages and charity.

  13. He likes his ice cream.

    If only they didn't disagree on everything ever, he and Bernie Sanders could probably hang.

  14. He was voted "The Top Cowboy Of Texas."

    The American Cowboy Culture Association (yes, that is a thing) named Perry their Top Cowboy of Texas in 2001, even though he's since had to give up his trademark cowboy boots because of back problems. Yeehaw?