Watch Dennis Rodman Predict Iggy Azalea And Nick Young's Engagement On 'House Of Style'

Iggy Azalea and L.A. Lakers guard Nick Young are getting hitched! After a little over a year of dating Swaggy P got down on one knee and asked the Australian MC, and she said yes!

You might have already known that. But did you know that almost one year ago, NBA legend Dennis Rodman predicted this would happen?

During the taping of last year's season of "House Of Style" which was hosted by Iggy, she sat down with Dennis Rodman to talk about how the attitude toward style has evolved in the NBA. During a toss to a segment following Nick as he got ready for the ESPYs, Dennis ribbed on Nick for not ~putting a ring on it~ yet.

Here's how the banter went down.

Iggy Azalea: "We caught up with that guy from the...Lakers? Is that the team?"

Dennis Rodman: "That's the guy that you date?"

IA: "Nick Young!"

DR: "You date him, right?"

IA: "Kind of. If you don't steal me, Dennis."

DR: "Here we go. No ring! No Ring Nick!"

After that, Dennis holds up his own hand Beyonce "Single Ladies" style, and then Iggy's. It's all pretty adorable, and even though, sure, it might be a little presumptuous to bring up marriage after the two had only been dating for eight months, Dennis Rodman totally called it.

Is it enough to get The Worm an invite to the wedding? Only time will tell. Either way, congrats, Iggy and No Ring Nick!