John Green Joins The Brigade Of YA Authors Cameoing In Their Own Movie Adaptations With 'Paper Towns'

Keep your eyes peeled for a familiar face in the crowd in 'Paper Towns.'

Good news, nerdfighters! John Green's cameo in the "Paper Towns" adaptation will officially make the cut, director Jake Schreier confirmed at BookCon yesterday (May 30).

And Green, who'd filmed a brief scene for "The Fault In Our Stars" but was ultimately snipped from the final cut, is just thrilled about the news.

He tweeted, "At BookCon, #PaperTowns director @jakeschreier announced that my cameo WILL BE IN THE MOVIE. Thank you Jake! I love you!"

Green now joins a growing tradition of YA authors Stephen King-ing it up with brief cameos in book-to-screen adaptations, which is awesome all around for book fandemonium. Here are a few of the other familiar YA authorial heroes who've gotten a sliver of silver screen time lately.

Veronica Roth in "Divergent"


The Chicago native practically got to see her imagination come to film life right outside of her window, as "Divergent" was actually shot in the Windy City, also its literary setting. So, it was a MUST that she get a moment in technicolor because c'mon. She could walk there. Plus, she's totally got a camera-ready face and could probably be a movie star in her own right -- but that's a subject for another article altogether.

Stephenie Meyer in "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn"

Summit Ent.

The vampire queen got to two-time it with her mega-franchise, which turned four (actually five, if you count "Bree Tanner") ultra-addictive books into an international phenomenon that raked in over a billion dollars. She made her first cameo as herself in "Twilight" and book-ended it with another showing in the wedding scene for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

Kody Keplinger in "The DUFF"

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"The DUFF" author said "sure" to doing a cameo for the adaptation of her LOL-able book, and when her scene made the final cut she was so flippin' stoked. "When I saw the screening of it, and I was in it, I was like both excited and mortified because I was just like, 'Oh, God, I'm on screen!'" she said.

Louis Sachar in "Holes"

When you win a National Book Award and a Newberry Medal for your book, you better damn well get your cameo is all we're saying. And deservedly, Louis Sachar did sneak into the picture for the adaptation of his breakthrough "Holes."

Cassie Clare in "The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones"

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No word yet on whether Cassie Clare'll show up in "Shadowhunters," the second stab at adapting her ridiculously popular "Mortal Instruments" novel series, but she did get to party with the weird kids for "City of Bones."

Stephen Chbosky in "The Four Corners Of Nowhere"

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Before he wrote and directed the beautiful "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" from his own book, Stephen Chbosky did another self-adaptation with "The Four Corners Of Nowhere," within which he also acted. Because here's a guy who can hit all corners of the book-to-screen industry and still own.

We like. Let's keep this trend trending, k Hollywood?