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'Shadowhunters': Even Hodge Is A Major Hottie And Now We Seriously Can't Deal

Is it getting hot in here or what?

"Shadowhunters" has found its Hodge, and he's a major hottie.

ABC Family announced today that Jon Cor has joined the insanely good-looking cast of "Shadowhunters," which is currently in production in Toronto. Cor will take on the role of Hodge Starkweather, the weapons trainer -- and now, resident heartthrob -- at the Shadowhunters New York Institute.

Given Cor's casting, it looks like the TV series is making Hodge younger. (Either that, or he's using one heck of a moisturizer.) Not that we're complaining, tbh...

Courtesy of ABC Family

In Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," our plucky protagonist Clary Fray describes Hodge as a "thin man with grey-streaked hair and a long beaky nose." Clearly, TV Hodge isn't growing any grey hairs anytime soon. We just hope his affinity for tweed suits remains the same.

Hodge, like so many other characters on "Shadowhunters," has his secrets -- and his past, especially his former allegiance to bad guy Valentine, will come back to haunt him at the Institute.

With a cast this hot, we can't even be mad at the obvious change from the books.