Here's Why Chris Pine Is The Perfect Paramour For 'Wonder Woman'

All that practice playing a prince is gonna come in handy.

Ever since news came down that a "Wonder Woman" movie with Gal Gadot was in the works, we've known that casting her gentleman costar would be a tricky business.

But let's all breathe a tiny, cautious sigh of relief, because there's a guy on the horizon, and if the rumors are true, he's perfection: Chris Pine is reportedly ready to take the role.

According to Variety, Pine is in negotiations now to star opposite Gadot in the 2017 film, playing Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor.

In the comics, Trevor is a U.S. Army officer who crash-lands on Paradise Island, where the Amazonian princess who will become Wonder Woman/Diana Prince nurses him back to health before returning him to the world of men. (Though Warner Bros had no comment, the fact that Trevor is in the movie probably means that a) we'll be seeing Wonder Woman's origin story, and b) the plot will include a little action of the romantic variety, in addition to the butt-stomping kind.)

Meanwhile, as Hollywood's leading men go, there basically couldn't be a better one to star opposite Gadot in "Wonder Woman" than Chris Pine. Here's why.

  • He's good at sharing the screen with women.

    Even when he's playing the alpha male of the Enterprise in "Star Trek," Pine doesn't step all over his female costars' performances, which is one of the reasons we love him even when he's playing a playboy.

  • He can handle second billing.

    Some dudes wouldn't be able to deal with playing the plucky sidekick to a lady hero, but not Chris Pine. There's a reason this guy made such an excellent prince in "Into the Woods" or "Princess Diaries 2": He's totally comfortable in roles where the movie isn't all about him.

  • He's not afraid to be vulnerable on camera.

    One of the things about playing the love interest of a superhero is that you've gotta be extra human about it, to make up for how superhuman your costar is. Fortunately, Chris Pine is possessed of a full emotional range and can even cry photogenically.

  • If the movie needs comic relief, he'll be it.

    In our current era of dark, gritty comic book movies featuring heroes who take themselves super seriously, someone has to be the funny guy... and we're pretty sure Pine has got it covered.