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Are Stars Like Zayn, Liam, And Kendrick Influencing Baby Names?

It sure looks like it.

If you're about to have a child, you might be looking to some of your favorite stars for name inspiration. At least, that's what the latest baby names seem to indicate.

On Wednesday (May 27), Time published a story about the most popular and most crazy baby names of 2014. Names like Ruckus and Sadman somehow made the list.

While it's hard to know for sure why these names are growing in popularity, we decided to check out the official Social Security website database for ourselves to see how some of your favorite stars might be influencing popular baby names.

  1. Liam Payne
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    The name Liam is more popular than it's ever been. This year, like in 2013, it earned the #2 position on the popular names list. Perhaps the force of 1-D love is really at work here.

  2. Kendrick Lamar
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    In 2014, Kendrick was the 334th most popular name in the country. The year before that, it was at its most popular, #318. Coincidentally, that's the year after Kendrick Lamar released his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city. Sounds like that project might have been pretty influential to some parents.

  3. Zayn Malik
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    1D's popularity likely helped catapult the name Zain to its most popular rank in 2013 at #663. Last year, the name was still popular at #679. As we all know, though, Zayn doesn't spell his name with an "i." So what about Zayn? It actually had a popularity increase in 2014, too, climbing from #896 to #830.

  4. Eminem
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    A year after Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 dropped, the name Marshall was at its most popular. It went from #328 in 2013 to #319 last year.

  5. Louis Tomlinson
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    The name Louis (for males) went from #315 in 2013 to #289 in 2014. Could this be another 1-D-related increase?

  6. Common
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    According to Today, Common was added to a list of new baby names in 2014. At least five American babies were named Common last year, the report said. It makes sense, doesn't it? Com had a huge year in 2014, earning an Oscar and becoming even more accomplished as an actor and MC.

  7. Zendaya
    Material Girl

    Zendaya had one of the biggest increases in female names this year. It went from #1,314 in 2013 to #892 in 2014. Could Zendaya, the multi-talented star, have something to do with this?

Other stars might also be influencing baby names. The name Khaleesi, for example, made a major jump from #1,020 in 2013 to #755 in 2014. Emilia Clarke's character in “Game Of Thrones” obviously had a hand in this leap (I mean, name another 'Khaleesi' you've met).

Then there's Anakin - yep, as in Anakin Skywalker - which had a huge popularity increase in 2014. The name went from #1,238 in 2013 to #957 last year. Looks like many people are really getting ready for the next Star Wars movie. Just imagine the increase we'll see after "The Force Awakens" drops.

Which star would you name your kid after? Let us know in the comments.