The Definitive Timeline Of Jennifer Lawrence And Taylor Swift's Beautiful Friendship

See where the magic started.

In case you hadn't noticed, the mutual fondness between Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence has been blossoming over the past couple years, with the two of them becoming one of Hollywood's hottest platonic power couples.

Although J-Law is just one of many famous ladies to be counted amongst Taylor's pack of gal pals, the sheer star power combined by these two becoming BFFs makes them a force to be reckoned with. But because they're both so busy, it's been hard to keep track of how their friendship actually came to be. Below, we put together a timeline of their best bonding moments, from professional acquaintanceship to friends forever.

  1. The first photo taken of the two stars, from February 2012, suggests that their hair knew they were destined for friendship way before they did.
  2. Though their relationship stayed strictly professional for the next year, the mutual admiration was already fierce.

    (Note the part of this interview in which Taylor gushes, "Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite.")

  3. In January 2013, the two finally shared a stage when Taylor presented the "Hunger Games" cast with a People's Choice Award.
  4. J-Law and Tay Sway clearly hit it off.
  5. Realizing that she and Taylor could totally be gal pals, Jennifer promptly lost her chill.
  6. A week later, at the Golden Globes, the two were delighted to see each other.
  7. The following month, Taylor gave Jen a sweet shout-out from the Grammys stage.
  8. And one year later, in January 2014, a beautiful friendship had blossomed.
  10. And while J-Law may not have managed to catch her friend onstage yet, due to their busy schedules...
  11. ...She's officially entered houseguest territory, which means they're definitely BFFs now.