Will Daenerys And Tyrion Ride Dragons Together On 'Game Of Thrones?'

We've got some theories for T + D on "GoT."

Spoilers from "Game of Thrones" and "A Dance With Dragons" lie ahead!

ICYMI -- and you didn't MI -- Sunday night's (May 24) "Game of Thrones" ended with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) finally meeting up in Meereen's fighting pits; something that fans desperately wanted to see in George R. R. Martin's "A Dance With Dragons," but never actually got. This meeting is obviously huge, and should change the course of Dany and Tyrion's lives forever... while also moving them far from their plot lines in Martin's source material for the first time ever, and leaving "GoT" book readers as clueless and excited as their show-only counterparts.

However, "clueless" doesn't mean that we don't have theories... in fact, we have five pretty solid ideas as to what might happen next when Targaryen meets Lannister, and one very stupid one that will almost definitely never happen. Check em out below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  1. Tyrion becomes Dany's most trusted advisor.

    If Daenerys is smart -- and she is -- then Tyrion should replace Daario Naharis as her most trusted advisor, stat. Daario is solid when it comes to advice on how to handle murky waters in Meereen, but he's clueless when it comes to Westeros, a different, equally difficult beast that Tyrion obviously knows quite well. If the show wants to start moving Dany westward as is implied at the end of "Dance With Dragons," then Tyrion is the absolute best King's Landing expert there is... well, except for maybe Littlefinger, but you never know when he's going to poison you or marry you off to a rapist.

    Either way, Dany and Tyrion are a great fit -- she's been living her day-to-day life as a ruler, which Tyrion has never done, and Tyrion has had a lot of experience dealing with two-faced liars... which Daenerys has done as well, but it's tended to end in slave-master revolts, lost dragons, and miscarried babies.

  2. Dany puts Tyrion on trial.

    This would be a really s--tty thing to do, and I sincerely hope that Dany is smarter than this, but "Game of Thrones" has proven time and time again that it loves a trial -- especially when that trial involves Tyrion.

    No matter what Tyrion will live, but if "GoT" wants to add some more drama over the next couple of weeks before the finale, we might have to deal with some more death-defying hardship for everyone's favorite dwarf.

  3. Tyrion and Dany ruin the Lannister PR machine from afar.
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    They might not even need to do this, because what's going on in King's Landing right now is insane on its own, but Tyrion and Dany together could arguably do what Stannis could not -- publicly announce that the rumors of Tommen's parentage are true, and reveal Dany's claim to the Iron Throne in one fell swoop. This would bring added heat down on Cersei, who will soon face a trial of her own for sleeping with Lancel, and reduce the already chaotic King's Landing into a madhouse that is Dany's for the taking.

  4. Tyrion and Dany get married.

    This would piss off Hizdahr zo Loraq and Meereen's ruling families to no end, but at the end of the day it's Westeros Dany needs to rule, not Essos -- and putting two of the biggest names in town together would strengthen Dany's claim to the Throne. And honestly, the marriage between the two of them would arguably work quite well, as Dany wouldn't mind Tyrion's whoring and Tyrion wouldn't mind Dany's relationship with Daario Naharis.

    Unless, of course...

  5. Tyrion rides a dragon.

    We all know by now that R + L = J, but there are many people out there who also believe that A + J = T... or, you know, that Tyrion's mom Joanna had an affair with the Mad King Aerys during Tywin's time as the Mad King's hand, making Tyrion Aerys' bastard and Dany's half-brother. This would (hopefully) render the above marriage option irrelevant, and would also -- if dreams come true -- end in Dany, Tyrion, and their nephew Jon Snow going on a dragon ride, together. It's a pretty solid theory, due to the fact that Dany learned at the House of the Undying that "the dragon has three heads," and given the fact that Dany and Tyrion, and probably Jon, all had mothers that died during childbirth.

    Can't you just imagine them storming in and taking out the White Walkers (and maybe Ramsay Bolton) together as a trio?! Could they let Arya and Sansa ride on the handle bars, just for fun?

  6. Tyrion and Dany die horribly of Greyscale.

    Jorah Mormont was touching everybody in Sunday night's episode, and lord knows he of all people should be keeping his Greyscale-afflicted hands to himself. In the Darkest "Game of Thrones" Timeline, everybody gets Greyscale and dies, then White Walkers and Shireen Baratheon inherit the earth.