These 'Shadowhunters' Selfies From The First Day On Set Will Make You Crazy Excited

Time to start drawing all the runes again.

"Mortal Instruments" fans, get pumped!

Today (May 25) was the first day of production on ABC Family's "Shadowhunters", and the cast and crew were very generous about sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of all the action.

As if we even needed more reasons to be jumping for stele-wielding joy about our favorite demonslayers getting a second chance at screen life, now we're barely containing ourselves (because where can we get our tickets to Pandemonium already, please and thank you!?).

  1. First, there was this glimpse at the pilot's script.

    Now we know episode one will call be called "The Mortal Cup." Which is just perfect.

  2. Then there was this group shot of Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), and Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus), and Isaiah Mustafa (Luke) just hanging out on a ledge.

    As one does during the first day of a TV shoot?

  3. This one kinda makes us want to start shipping Clary and Magnus.

    We know, we know -- she's not Magnus' type. But still. LOOK AT THEM TOGETHER.

  4. Kat took a sec to talk to us about her awesome morning, which got us especially amped.

    "I am so excited," the fresh-faced actress said. "I cannot wait for you guys to see what we're doing."

  5. Then there was this flail-inducing glimpse of her vexing eyes on the camera monitor.

    It's actually happening, people! This is not a drill!

  6. Of course, there's that first view we got of "Clace" (Clary and Jace, swoooooooon).
  7. And some epic demonslayer rehearsal action at Pandemonium.

And now we're officially ready to portal jump to the future when this series finally makes its way to our televisions. Just tell us which rune to draw to make it happen.