What Disneyland Ride Does George Clooney Want To Ride Forever?

The 'Tomorrowland' cast reveals their picks.

With reporting by Nicole Pajer

It's every kid's dream: Get locked in Disneyland, strap yourself into a ride and then take it on a loop, forever and ever. When you think about it, though, you'd have to choose that ride very carefully. What if it got annoying, or you got sick?

At a press day ahead of the release of the film, MTV News asked the cast of "Tomorrowland" which Disney ride they'd stay on forever.

Star Britt Robertson thought strategically, nixing classic ride It's A Small World immediately.

"That song would drive me crazy," she said. And nothing too stomach-jarring, like Splash Mountain. "Maybe something mild," she said.

An answer came easily to George Clooney, a ride that was "such a big deal when I was 10 years old": The Matterhorn.

Buckle up! Check out more of the cast's answers in the clip below.

"Tomorrowland" is in theaters now.