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Nick Cannon Danced For 24 Hours Straight And Lived To Talk About It

But the struggle was real, if these pics are any indication.

If you're anything like us, you need a minimum of nine and a half hours of sleep every single night or else you'll start resembling a new cast member on "The Walking Dead" -- and not the recurring kind, if you catch the drift.

But Nick Cannon must have eaten an extra helping of Wheaties or something yesterday because the multi-hyphenate entertainer just spent 24 straight hours of his life dancing.

We repeat: A full day spent up on his feet, busting move after move after move without keeling over onto the floor.

[Insert a zillion clappy hand emojis here.]

Cannon pulled off the exhausting feat during Red Nose Day on Thursday (May 21) and couldn't help but dub himself a "prize fighter."

"I feel as good as I smell," he reported. Because apparently the TMI rule goes straight out the window after hour 22.

The best part of this whole thing is how well-documented it was on Cannon's Instagram -- you can definitely start to see when the struggle got real.

In the beginning he was all "Yeaaaaaaah, I got this. I'm awesome!"

About six hours in, he started to lean just a little to the left. Because zzzzzzz.

And by hour 12 the shots were really starting to blur.

He was willing to accept a shoulder to lean on by the 19th hour because his legs were seriously achin'.

By the end it was all a matter of sheer principle keeping him on all twos. But he did it! Job well done.