Jim Spellman

Whoa, Your Favorite Stars Sound A Lot Different In (Not) Real Life

You think you know what these famous people sound like. But nope.

She's got one of the most famous puckers in all of Hollywood history -- yep, her lips are even more notorious than Kylie Jenner's -- but until today, Julia Roberts' big smile has been a giant chamber of LIES.

Because, according to this new NBC sketch released with tonight's (May 21) Red Nose Day fundraiser, we have learned that this Pretty Woman has been the subject of some serious Hollywood cover upping.

Turns out all that adorable cackle-laughing was a ruse because her real* voice is gobsmackingly baritone.

"I really don't know what the problem is," she said, about three octaves below the expectation. "They re-voice me in every movie I do which makes me absolutely furious. What is going on."

And she's not the only member of Hollywood's re-dubbed squad. Tack on the British hunk trio Hugh Grant, Daniel Craig and Liam Neeson to that list as well.

Blazes. Who knew?!

*Note: Not real.